Raveena Tandon faces allegations of assault; cops say ‘no complaint has been filed’: Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

Earlier this morning, reports started circulating that actress Raveena Tandon assaulted three individuals in Mumbai’s Bandra suburb late Saturday night. A video circulating online captures the chaotic scene, with locals surrounding and confronting Tandon.

Initial reports said that Tandon’s driver was involved in an accident, allegedly hitting three people near Carter Road by Rizvi College due to reckless driving.Witnesses allegedly claimed that Tandon, appearing visibly intoxicated, emerged from her vehicle and verbally and physically assaulted the victims.
However, ETimes reached out to the cops for the full story. The police, however has rubbished reports about assault and head injury, and also clarified that no complaint has been filed in the case. Speaking about the case, DCP Raj Tilak Roshan told us, “Raveena Tandon’s driver was taking a reverse to park the car, and around that time, the other party was passing by and started shouting ‘gaadi chala rahe hai’ (they are running over us). And nothing happened, the car has not even brushed against any of them. They started fighting and Raveena also came out and she started to fight with them.”

He further added, “both the parties came to the police station and we asked them to file their individual complaints, but then both the parties said that we have no complaint to file; there is no head injury if gaadhi chadha diya hota how could we not lodge a complaint.” (we would have filed if they had run over us)
Meanwhile sources close to the actress told us, “Raveena was alone with children at home when the incident happened, and she only came to save her driver who was being manhandled by the other party. The other party in fact, started filming and if you look at the cctv footage the actress is only trying to calm them down, but instead they started abusing and even said the actress was drunk which was completely false.”

In the viral footage, Tandon is seen amidst the commotion, surrounded by alleged victims and locals calling for police intervention. One victim can be heard stating, “You will have to spend the night in jail. My nose is bleeding.” Amidst the chaos, Tandon is heard pleading, “Don’t push. Please don’t hit me.” The video, captured by freelance journalist Mohsin Shaikh, has been widely shared on social media platforms.


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