2024 Lok Sabha election results: BJP, Congress hang on to vote share but seat share swings wildly | India News

NEW DELHI: Even though the BJP is leading on around 240 seats, much less than the 303 seats it won in 2019, its vote share has seen only a marginal dip, meaning it has been unable to convert its vote share into seats this time.
In 2019, the BJP had secured around 37.36% of the total votes, this time trends show that the saffron party may see a vote share of 36.59% — a possible decrease of 0.77 percentage points.

The marginal decrease in vote share however has translated into the BJP losing as many as 63 seats.

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This is partly due to the fact that the party has lost a lot of seats in UP and Hindi heartland states due to the seat-sharing arrangement by the INDIA bloc despite polling figures similar to the 2019 polls.
It has also made several inroads in the southern states but was not able to secure any seats despite raising their voter percentage in the south.
It is a completely different story for the Congress, which seems set to corner 21.22% of the vote share — an improvement of nearly 1.73 percentage points compared to the 19.49% it registered in the 2019 polls.

The slight increase in vote share has, however, allowed the Congress to nearly double its tally compared to 2019, when it won just 52 seats. As per latest trends, the Congress is set to win 99 seats.


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