Tranquillised bear caught by rescuers as it falls from tree in Pennsylvania | US News

Rescuers caught a sedated black bear with a tarpaulin cover as it fell from a tree after roaming into a residential area in the US.

Officials were forced to tranquillise the animal after it sheltered in a tree in Camp Hill near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Students and staff at a nearby school were told to stay indoors during the drama, according to local news website

Wildlife officials worked with public safety and emergency rescue teams to safely capture the bear.

Fire and rescue workers used a ladder vehicle to move closer to the animal so they could administer a tranquilliser shot.

The sedated animal fell about six metres into a large blue tarpaulin cover held up by several wildlife officials, as well police officers and firefighters.

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The animal was tranquillised again before being moved to a bear trap which had been placed on a trailer, it was reported.

The bear did not seem to be fully grown and it is likely to be relocated elsewhere in central Pennsylvania.


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