Chhattisgarh ex-CM Bhupesh Baghel’s prediction for NDA govt 3.0 | India News

NEW DELHI: Former chief minister of Chhattisgarh Bhupesh Baghel on Friday welcomed the Lok Sabha election results, stating that the public had “taught a good lesson to those who break parties, put elected Chief Ministers in jail and threaten them”.
Speaking to party workers at Mohla Manpur district, the senior Congress leader made a prediction regarding the new NDA government and told the gathering to be “ready”.

Mid-term elections may be held within 6 months- 1 year. Fadnavis [Maharashtra deputy CM] is resigning, Yogi’s [Uttar Pradesh chief minister] chair is shaking. and Bhajanlal Sharma [Rajasthan CM] is also wavering. The government has not been formed yet but JD(U) spokesperson is talking about cancelling the Agniveer scheme and caste census. These are all the issues that Rahul Gandhi has raised,” said Baghel.


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