‘Suspicious’ plunge from MSC Cruise ship claims man’s life in Norway’s deepest fjord

NEW DELHI: In a tragic incident on Thursday, a male passenger in his late 50s fell overboard from the MSC Euribia cruise ship while it was navigating through Norway’s Sognefjord, known as the “King of the Fjords.” The man’s body was recovered by a rescue helicopter approximately an hour after the incident and transported to a nearby hospital, where he was declared deceased, according to a report from the New York Post.
The exact circumstances surrounding the passenger’s fall remain unclear, but authorities are investigating the incident as a “suspicious death.” A police officer said, “It could be an accident, a criminal act, or an intentional act.” Reports indicate that the man was travelling with his wife at the time of the incident.
Despite the tragedy, the MSC Euribia, a 19-story cruise liner, is continuing its seven-day journey and is expected to return to Kiel as scheduled on Saturday, June 8. Cruise ship tracking data reveals that the vessel briefly turned around in the narrow channel shortly after the incident occurred.

Disturbingly, this marks the seventh instance of a person going overboard from an MSC cruise ship in less than seven months, according to Cruise Law News.
In March, another passenger named Liam Brody Wilkie Jones disappeared from the same MSC Euribia during a seven-day European cruise and is presumed dead. Just one month prior, a passenger survived after falling from the MSC Bellissima while travelling from Taiwan to Okinawa.
The MSC Euribia, standing at an impressive 213 feet tall, has the capacity to accommodate more than 8,000 passengers. A ticket for the Norway cruise, during which the man tragically fell overboard on Tuesday, costs approximately $700 per person, as listed on MSC’s website.


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