‘Bombing children is not self-defense’: Gaza war protesters slam Biden in rally at White House

NEW DELHI: Hours after the Hamas health ministry said that Israeli strikes killed over 210 at a refugee camp, thousands of Gaza war protestors held a rally near the White House on Saturday criticising US president Joe Biden’s stance towards the war.
The White House, in response to questions about a possible invasion of the southern Gazan city, had said last monththat a deadly Israeli strike on Rafah did not cross a “red line” that Biden haddrawn two months earlier.
“I no longer believe any of the words that Joe Biden says,” Zaid, a protestor whose parents are Palestinian, told AFP.
“This ‘red line’ in his rhetoric is rubbish… it shows his hypocrisy and his cowardice,” Zaid added.
Bombing children is not self-defense’
Holding Palestinian flags and chanting “From DC to Palestine, we are the red line,” the protestors demonstrated placards and banners with names of Palestinians killed during Israeli offensive during the last nine months.
The protestors expressed distrust with the Biden administration and their response to the Israel-Hamas war.
“Biden’s red line was a lie”, said a poster while, “Bombing children is not self-defense,” read another.
Prior to the protest, which saw charter buses bring in attendees from as far afield as Maine and Florida, the White House increased security with the installation of an additional anti-scale perimeter fence.


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