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PUNE: NCP (SCP) chief Sharad Pawar on Monday yet again targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi for calling him ‘bhatakti aatma’ during the Lok Sabha election campaigning.
Pawar, referring to Modi’s speech in Pune on April 29, told his supporters in Ahmednagar on Monday, “Even during political criticism, we maintain dignity. But Modi called me ‘bhatakti aatma’ during the election campaign.In a way, it is good as aatma is immortal and it will not spare you.”
The rally was organised to mark the 25th foundation day of NCP and to celebrate the party’s performance in the Lok Sabha poll where it won eight of the 10 seats it contested. During his speech, Pawar came down heavily on Modi and said that he does not have the support of people anymore.
“Does he have the country’s mandate? The poll results clearly show that Modi does not have the majority and he formed govt by taking the support of Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and Janata Dal (United) (JDU),” the veteran leader said.
The NCP (SCP) chief added that Modi tried politicising the Ram temple but people rejected it.
“During the campaign, there was a discussion that Ram temple could be a big issue. Modi tried politicising it. But the people of Ayodhya defeated Modi’s candidate and rejected it when he raised it,” Pawar said.
The veteran politician also criticised the prime minister for referring to his tenure as ‘Modi govt’ during campaigning. “In all his rallies, Modi did not refer to the central govt as the Indian govt. He used the term Modi govt and Modi guarantee. Today, there is no Modi govt and no Modi guarantee. People of this country through their power of votes showed him that it will be only an Indian govt,” Pawar said.
He announced that his party would contest the assembly poll in Maharashtra, Haryana and Jharkhand with INDIA bloc.
“I am confident that we will form a govt in these states and we will give confidence to the people, especially dalits, minorities and women,” he added.


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