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NEW DELHI: India’s pace spearhead Jasprit Bumrah couldn’t help but laugh at the drastic shift in narratives about his career over the past year. Once doubted for his ability to return to form following a lower back stress fracture, Bumrah has now firmly reestablished himself as one of the world’s leading fast bowlers.
In 2022, Bumrah underwent surgery for a lower back stress fracture, causing him to miss the T20 World Cup in Australia.Just before his comeback, he suffered a strain, leading to an absence of more than ten months. This led to widespread skepticism about his capacity to manage the workload of playing in three formats.
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However, Bumrah has silenced his critics with his performances in the last one year.
“See a year ago, the same people were saying that I might not play again and my career is over and then now the question changed,” Bumrah said, addressing those who doubted his resilience and determination.

Bumrah’s return to form has been a masterclass in handling pressure and focusing on the controllables. “I am not looking at whether I am bowling at the best of my ability. I try to solve the problem that is there in front of me,” he explained. “I know it’s a cliched answer… but I was trying to focus on what is the best option over here on a wicket like this.”

Avoiding external pressure has been key to his success. “Because if I look at the outside noise, if I look at people and pressure and emotion takes over, then things don’t really work for me,” the 30-year-old said.

Despite the challenges of the IPL, where bowlers faced tough conditions, Bumrah and the Indian bowling unit have adapted well to the T20 World Cup pitches. “Obviously, the IPL that we played was not very bowler-friendly but we are very happy that we didn’t come here with that baggage,” Bumrah noted.
Bumrah’s deep understanding with captain Rohit Sharma, developed over years of playing together for Mumbai Indians, has been crucial. “We were very clear the message in the huddle was that now that is over, what is next? What are the things that are in our control? So, we will try to focus on that and not to create panic,” he said.

In low-scoring matches, maintaining composure is essential. “If we go for magic deliveries and try to be too desperate, run-making becomes easy and they know the target. So, we had to be very mindful of not overdoing it,” Bumrah explained.
Bumrah’s advocacy for bowlers reflects his appreciation for the often under-recognized contributions of his peers. “I always advocate bowlers, but we’re very happy with the appreciation that bowlers have received because our country is obviously a batsman-loving country and we understand but we are very happy that bowlers are coming up front,” he said.
With this victory, India leads Group A with two wins from two games, while Pakistan’s chances of advancing look slim.
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