UN Security Council votes in favour of Israel-Hamas ceasefire resolution | World News

The UN Security Council has voted in favour of a resolution in support of a ceasefire proposal between Hamas and Israel that was put forward by the US.

The resolution lays out a three-phase ceasefire plan, which US President Joe Biden described as an Israeli initiative – though whether Israel and Hamas agree remains in question.

Of the 15 nations on the council, 14 supported the motion, while Russia abstained.

The first phase of the deal would see a six-week ceasefire, the second the return of remaining hostages and the third a reconstruction plan for Gaza.

The resolution welcomes the new proposal, “which Israel accepted, calls upon Hamas to also accept it, and urges both parties to fully implement its terms without delay and without condition”.

It’s the first resolution adopted by the council supporting a specific ceasefire plan, weeks after the body voted in favour of an immediate ceasefire in March.

“We’re waiting on Hamas to agree to the ceasefire deal it claims to want,” US ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield told the council before Monday’s vote.

“With every passing day, needless suffering continues.”

Ms Thomas-Greenfield said Egypt and Qatar has assured Washington they are working to ensure Hamas engages with ceasefire discussions, and the US will ensure Israel “lives up to its obligations as well”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said Mr Biden presented only parts of the proposal and insisted any talk of a permanent ceasefire before dismantling Hamas’s military capabilities is a nonstarter.

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