MELBOURNE: India captain Rohit Sharma believes in the flexibility of the playing XI and isn’t averse to making one or two changes every game during India’s game. T20 World Cup campaign, starting by Sunday.

While India have used 29 cricketers in the T20Is over the past year, some by choice and some by design, the captain wants his team to be a mix, where the players would be inducted instinctively and also by design. database function available (match ups).
“There are times like this where we don’t have a lot of information on how the teams have fared at this time of year. Sometimes you just rely on your instincts and pick the in-form player current situation and how he is,” Rohit said on Saturday, ahead of his highly anticipated opener against rivals Pakistan.

“But we also study a lot of data. I’m open about my playing XI. I don’t mind having one or two changes per game in the playing XI.”
The Indian skipper was quick to admit that they hadn’t done well in major ICC tournaments and he called it a challenge rather than a pressure.

“The pressure is constant. I call it a challenge to win against Pakistan. Also, we haven’t won an ICC event for nine years and with a team like this, it’s disappointing,” he said. added Rohit.

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