NEW DELHI: Suryakumar Yadav has evolved into the new Mr 360 degree and India will struggle to make enough board runs if it fails to shoot, he says by beating big Sunil Gavaskar.
Suryakumar, currently the world’s number one hitter in T20, dazzled his maiden T20 World Cupplaying sparkling innings in the Super 12 stage to help India reach the semifinals of the marquee event.
Against Zimbabwe, he broke an unbeaten 61 out of 25, sending the ball to every corner of the pitch.
“Every one of those innings was more or less 360 degrees. He’s the new Mr. 360 degrees. There was that shot that rolled for a six just to the left of the wicketkeeper. Then it went a little bit squarer in the last few. over, for example, by taking advantage of the angle the pitcher was trying to aim at.


Suryakumar Yadav (Photo AP)
“Then even the lofted extra cover unit got every hit in the book. There was direct guidance as well,” Gavaskar told India Today.
The former captain of India believes Suryakumar is the reason India managed to score totals they could defend.
“He’s actually turning out to be the player who is leading India to totals you can defend. The score India got was the highest T20I score at the MCG. Without her 61 not out, India wouldn’t have not even reached 150, “he said.

Shotgun Rahul is back in shape half a century in a row in India’s last two games against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.
Gavaskar said that if Suryakumar fails, Rahul will have to take the lead.
β€œI think there are two hitters in very good form at the moment, Kohli and Suryakumar. It was also great to see KL Rahul get another half century, but he has to try to get more for one simple reason.

“If Surya doesn’t shoot, India will struggle to get 140-150. It is therefore very important that Rahul moves forward,” added Gavaskar.
Skipper Rohit Sharma is experiencing a disappointing World Cup by his standards. The first goal scored just 89 points in five games, with his only substantial defeat of 53 to the Netherlands.


Rohit Sharma (Photo AP)
“Well, let’s just hope he’s saving points for the next two games. They’ll be the most important games. In a group game, you know there’s another game to follow, so maybe sometimes you try a little too much and get out.
“Now, these are knockout matches. In a knockout match, you can’t afford to experiment too much. You have to give your best. Let’s hope Rohit turns out well,” said Gavaskar.
Rohit was unable to provide India with solid starts and the shot, which is his signature shot, was his undoing in Australia.
β€œWhat’s happening is that he himself, as the team captain, set this pattern in the first 6 overs to go bang, bang and bang.
“Suddenly, he can’t be seen trying to get the ball rolling. He’s still a good ball shooter. But on the Australian borders, that shooting shot got him in trouble.
“We have seen that even two years ago he went out twice playing the shooting shot after scoring 40-50 points (in the Test). This got him in trouble again.
“In a T20 format with only one defender in the first 6 overs, he has to be aware of the winger and play the shot. It’s a productive shot for him, let’s not forget that,” added Gavaskar.

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