AHMEDABAD: On Monday, the Gujarat high court presented a motu of his GDP on the suspension of the Morbi of 30 October collapse of the bridge which claimed 135 lives and issued notices to the government, district administration, municipal authorities and the state human rights commission, requesting reports on the tragedy and its aftermath by 14 November.
The bench of the chief judge Aravind Kumar and of justice Ashutosh Shastri issued the order on the first day of the prosecution after the Diwali recess, noting a TOI report published the morning after the disaster.
“One of us (Chief Justice Kumar) had ordered the registry to register the news as PIL … Due to the closure of the courts due to the Diwali vacation, the judicial clerk was instructed by telephone to treat the aforementioned article as a its GDP motion by registering it accordingly “, reads the ordinance.
After two minutes of silence in memory of the victims, the bench told the attorney general Kamal Trivedi, “It is very disheartening that we are starting the New Year (Gujarati) with this one, but we want some action at your end.” The AG said the state government had already taken a couple of measures, which it would highlight in its remarks.

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The court appointed six parties as resisters in this case: the state government through the chief secretary, the internal department of the statethe commissars of the municipalities, the head of the Morbi Nagar Palika, the district collector and the human rights committee. The judges requested a status report from the chief secretary and interior minister along with the rights commission, as well as ordering the notice to be sent via a special messenger to the commissioner to submit a report on the collapse.

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