Indian cricket star Rishabh Pant ‘dozed off’ before car crash with fireball, local police say | world news

Indian cricket star Rishabh Pant is facing the prospect of a long injury after a horror car accident forced him to fight his way out of the vehicle when it caught fire.

Police in the northern state of Uttarakhand said the gatekeeper-beater told officers he had “dozed off” while driving the car, which would be a Mercedes, in the early hours of Friday morning.

It was understood that the car had flipped over twice when it hit the central reservation.

Despite multiple injuries, Pant managed to break a window and escape when he realized he was on fire, police added.

The Board of Cricket of India (BCCI) said in a statement that the 25-year-old suffered cuts to his forehead, tore a ligament in his right knee and injured his right wrist, ankle and toe.

Rishabh Pant in action for India against England. File Picture

He also had numerous abrasion injuries on his back, he added.

“Rishabh’s condition remains stable and he has now been transferred to Max Hospital, Dehradun, where he will undergo MRI scans to determine the extent of his injuries and formulate his new treatment,” the BCCI secretary said. , Jay Shah.

“The council will ensure that Rishabh receives the best possible medical care and receives all the support he needs to come out of this traumatic phase,” Shah added.

Local media reported that the player’s trip to Roorkee was meant to be a surprise for his mother ahead of New Years.

Uttarakhand Police Director General Ashok Kumar told Reuters news agency: “Pant had told local police that he lost control of his car after dozing off for a few seconds. . The police are investigating the matter.”

Pant was part of the Indian Test squad that sealed a 2-0 win over Bangladesh earlier this month.

Ricky Ponting, head coach of Pant’s Indian Premier League side Delhi Capitals, tweeted: “Hope you get back on your feet soon.”


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