Shark Tank India 2: A Gift-Based Business Launches ‘Naughty Bedroom Gifts’; Anupam Mittal asks “Thappad maar ke ghar se nikala nahi?”

In the latest episode of Shark Tank India 2, the judges sit down and prepare for the first pitch of the episode. An entrepreneur of a cheap restaurant chain showing his secret 5-star sauce that would upset ready-to-cook products. Sayan Chakraborty is asking Rs 75 lakh for 5% equity with a valuation of Rs 15 crore. The sharks are impressed by Saiyan’s tone and also ask Saiyan about her journey and his education. Sharks also taste Shayan’s dishes and love his Chinese dishes. All 5 Sharks pull out of investing in his company as they think something is fishy with the revenue and don’t think they can help as they are not experts in that area. He leaves without any offers.
After Sayan leaves, the second entrepreneur is a company that provides a platform for teenagers where they can learn new skills and develop their careers. Anik, Payal and Vea Jain introduce themselves to the sharks. Their company offers earning opportunities for 14-20 year olds based on their skills and gets job opportunities from real companies. The trio are asking for Rs 50 lakh for a 1.25% equity with a valuation of Rs 40 crore. They also give a demo of their app and show their credit card they would get their incentives on. Sharks ask about their app and how they can keep it interesting and knowledgeable for kids without any harm.

Amit Jain and Namita Thapar are offering Rs 50 lakh for 4.16% equity with a valuation of Rs 12 crore. Anik and Payal accept the offer immediately and sign the deal with Amit and Namita.
The third entrepreneurs come to the stage and talk about their camel milk and goat milk products and give their variety of product samples to look at. Sharks also try camel milk and chocolate from some of their products and Aman says he didn’t find the chocolate taste any different than regular. All four Sharks deny making any offers, but Amit bids because of their good cause. Amit is offering Rs 15 lakh for 1.5% equity and Rs 45 lakh debt at 12% interest, with a valuation of 10 crore. Entrepreneurs accept the offer and sign the agreement with Amit Jain.

In the last presentation of the day, a company based on gifts also has gifts and games that are quite naughty and are known as bedroom gifts. Entrepreneurs Harsh Khemani & Varun Todi talk about their extraordinary gifts for their loved ones and friends. They also carry personalized gifts for each shark to take home. They are asking Rs 50 lakh for 1% equity with a valuation of 50 crore.

After hearing about bad gifts, Anupam Mittal asked “Thappad maar ke ghar se nikala nahi?” (Didn’t your family slap you and throw you out of the house?)” and the entrepreneurs said this aspect of their company is still unknown to their families. When Namita Thapar asked how they came up with this concept, the entrepreneurs fell silent with awkward smiles on their faces. Anupam replied “Frustration if”.

Sharks love the products and are impressed by their gift innovations and product variety. But neither Sharks offers any deals and shares some tips and tricks that entrepreneurs might be at their best with.


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