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Virat Kohli ended a more than three-year drought of trying centuries in the fourth try of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy against Australia in Ahmedabad, and the batting legend later admitted that the “shortcomings” were leading to growing “complications” and it was “eating me up”.
‘King’ Kohli came in with a shot of 186, his 28th century trial it took three years and three months to come, and it led India’s strong response to Australia’s 480 with a total of 571, which also included a century of Shubman Gill.
However, the test ended in a draw on day five, giving India a 2–1 series win.

In a chat with head coach Rahul Dravid, 34-year-old Kohli revealed that the weight of expectation has become a bit difficult for him to handle.
“Honestly, I let the complications grow a bit on me because of my shortcomings,” Kohli told Dravid in the chat, the video of which was posted by BCCI on its website.
“Desperation to hit triple digits is something that can grow in you as a drummer. I let that happen to me to some extent. But the flip side is that I’m not a happy guy. with 40 to 45. I am very proud to play for the team.

“It’s not like when Virat Kohli should stand out. When I beat over 40, I know I can get a 150. It was eating me up a lot.
“Why am I not able to get that big score for the team? Because I was proud of the fact that when the team needed me, I stood up, scoring in difficult conditions. The fact that I couldn’t do it, bothered me,” he added.
Asked by Dravid how difficult it was, Kohli said: “If I have to be brutally honest, it gets a bit difficult the moment you walk out of the hotel room, straight from the guy outside, to the guy in the elevator, the bus driver everyone says ‘we want a hundred’.
“So that’s on your mind all the time, but that’s also the beauty of playing so long for these complications to arise and overcome these challenges,” Kohli said.


King Kohli’s Top 10 Test Hits

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Kohli dished out unusual innings of 364 balls, spanning over eight hours and 30 minutes. It was his 75th international century across formats.
Dravid said he was also desperate to see the former skipper score that big cent, but it was worth it as Kohli gave a masterclass.
“I’ve seen him as a player, I’ve seen hundreds of them on TV and after taking over coaching about 15-16 months ago I was a bit desperate to see him score a hundred goals. try and really appreciate it from the comfort of the dressing room
“To be able to enjoy and relax from a hundred tests. It was a beauty. You made me wait a long time but it was an absolute privilege to watch a run and the way you built it,” said David.

Prior to this game, Kohli’s last Test century had come in India’s first Day/Night Test against Bangladesh in November 2019.
Kohli insisted he was never “over milestones”.
“A lot of people ask me, ‘how do you keep scoring those hundreds’. And I always say a hundred is something that happens along the way in my goal, which is to beat as long as possible for my crew.”
Kohli credited his fitness for being able to hit in different ways that help him excel in all formats.

“I can beat four sessions, I can beat five sessions, that’s where fitness and physical preparation comes in for me.
“I go to the court relaxed because I know I can hit a lot of ways. I’m not desperate if I play three sessions and feel like I’m falling apart and have to make quick runs otherwise I won’t be able to stay out there for long,” he said.
“…..I’m pretty happy to score 30 points in a session and not hit a limit and not be desperate because I know the limits will come and even if I have to play like that I can hit six sessions and get a 150. I have no problem doing that.”
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