Gauri Pradhan “argued every day with the planner” on the set of Kutumb; supports Radhika Madan’s statement about the hard life of TV actors

Gauri Pradhana was in no mood to mince words in a recent interview with Siddharth Kannan. The actress, who has done several popular shows on television including Kutumb, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Tu Aashiqui, among many others, opened up about the hard life that actors working for the small screen lead.
During the chat, when Gauri was asked about his performance Radhika MadanAfter declaring that TV shooting is very boring, with no preparation time and final script changes, Gauri didn’t take the time to agree with her.
Recalling her experience working in film and TV, she said, “When you do a TV show, even if you do it for a long time, and then you do a movie, it’s like a walk. It’s like you’re on vacation. It’s so easy and casual that there are no problems…”
Gauri also revealed that she came out of the sets of Kutumb in which she acted with her husband Hiten Tejwani often enough. She even argued with the planner because she arrived on time and she also wanted to leave on time.
He added: ‘I used to argue with the planner every day. It was very common… I was known for arriving on time and leaving on time. In Kutumb, I wore a wig for my long hair. So at 9pm, everyone would start staring at each other because at 9 I would take off my wig, give it and leave halfway through filming also because if I arrive on time I earn the right to leave on time”.
This sadly led to her getting the label of someone who is “a big snob, snooty and very difficult to work with”. However, despite all the bickering, she still went back to work.
Gauri also said that the life of TV actors is not easy at all because they have no breath. “That’s all you’re doing! I’m not complaining, but you’re just shooting. There’s no social life, there’s no family life, there’s no time for me, there’s nothing. Go home , eat, sleep and come back the next morning, so it’s tough.”


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