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NEW DELHI: At an ICC ‘Afternoon With Test Legends’ event, India captain Rohit Sharma provided valuable insight into the struggles of batting in English conditions as his team prepares for the World Trials Championship final against Australia. With an impressive batting average of over 50 in the tournament, Rohit underscored the importance of hard work and adaptability on English lanes.
“In England in general, the conditions are quite tough for batters. As long as you are prepared to have a good grind, you can be successful,” Rohit said, addressing his fellow cricketers. pat cumminsRoss Taylor and Ian Bell.
Drawing on personal experience, Rohit recognized the unpredictable nature of English weather and the constant challenge of never feeling completely “in” or settled. He emphasized the need for sustained concentration and the development of intuition to identify good times to face bowlers.

“You have to keep focusing for longer periods of time and you’ll get that intuition when it’s time to take on the bowlers. More importantly, you have to be there and you have to understand what your strengths are,” Rohit explained.
Recognizing his penchant for data and analysis, Rohit suggested studying the scoring patterns of successful players who excelled in the Ring. Although he had no intention of emulating them, he believed that understanding their approach might prove beneficial.
“I’m not going to try to imitate them (successful players) but it would be kind of nice to know their scoring scheme. What I discovered at Oval is that the square limits are quite fast,” explained Rohit.

Having successfully transitioned between formats for over a decade, Rohit acknowledged the challenges involved and expressed his joy at the constant test it places on his skills. He emphasized the need for adaptability, mental preparation and self-reflection.
“That (format change) was definitely the difficult factor. You know you’re playing multi-format. Mentally you have to be very adaptable and polish your technique. You have to talk to yourself and mentally prepare yourself,” Rohit explained.
Despite his many achievements in limited cricket, Rohit holds Test cricket in high regard.

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“It just keeps challenging you. You want to be in those situations. Now it’s about getting over that last hurdle and giving that confidence to the youngsters so they can play the way they want,” concluded Rohit, underlining the team’s goal to inspire young players and achieve success in the upcoming World Test Championship final.
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